My Story

I help people tell their stories.

About Allyson

"I have big ideas, solid experience, and a real talent for helping people tell their stories."

Just over six years ago, I stepped out on faith, a sense of humor, and belief in myself to launch my marketing firm, The Twiggs Group. Since that time, I have been helping my clients do the same thing as a marketing consultant, personal brand builder, and social media coach. I have an honest, no-nonsense approach that my clients seem to appreciate and a proven record of developing creative, strategic approaches that showcase my clients and their products, services, and organizations. Together, we create a unique, compelling, visible brand.
The Twiggs Group provides a full spectrum of marketing and branding project management services – offering a full range of graphic design, social media training, executive coaching, photo shoot coordination, and promotional campaign management. I work with some of the most talented designers, artists, and wordsmiths in the business, and one of my biggest strengths is bringing the right people to the table to build a team that gets results.
Before starting TTG, I directed the promotion, marketing, and branding strategies for two of the top travel destinations in Northwest Arkansas. I was on the frontlines at a time when marketing and promotion were evolving and expanding to encompass a worldwide, digital marketplace that continues to change and grow. I learned first-hand that to navigate that landscape successfully, my marketing and branding efforts needed to be targeted, fresh, and personal.
Today, I help my clients navigate those same, constantly changing marketing and social media playing fields by coming up with a customized game plan to build a compelling message and drive awareness and recognition for who you are and what you do.

So let’s talk.

Shoot me an email at I want to understand your goals and dreams. It’s all a part of your story and, ultimately, your brand. I look forward to visiting with you.

A little more about me

5 things you may not know about me (even if you know me):

I played basketball on scholarship at the University of Arkansas

I am a certified Destination Management Executive and worked in Destination Management for 14 years.

I was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, and I have lived in Fayetteville for 29 years.

I still hold the scoring record at Gentry High School. 51 points! (My dad previously held the record, 50 points.)

I got married in New York at City Hall.

Books that changed my life:

There are just way too many to list here. I LOVE to read, and I love to share what I read.  Check out my book reviews on my personal blog.