About The Twiggs Group

The Twiggs Group, a full-range, boutique marketing firm founded in 2014, helps its clients develop and implement strategic, sustainable approaches that promote their services and maximize their marketing plans.

Why The Twiggs Group?

Modern Marketing | Bold Branding

Delight your customers. – Warren Buffett

We delight our customers by teaching them how to utilize marketing to benefit their brand and business. The Twiggs Group, a full-range, boutique marketing firm founded by Allyson in 2014, helps its clients develop and implement strategic, sustainable approaches that promote their services and maximize their marketing plans.

So, why The Twiggs Group, you ask? Because our work is fresh, cost-effective, and fast.

The TTG team works with fiercely talented freelancers and pulls together the perfect creative professional to pair with each client, igniting a firestorm of marketing magic for every project. This allows TTG to affordably provide a complete spectrum of project management services, including full-range marketing, personal branding, social media, and graphic design. TTG clients see the major value in Allyson and Delaney’s ability to bring the best designers, artists, and wordsmiths to the table to build a team that gets the results they want.

Meet Allyson.

It took a lot of faith, a sense of humor, a colorful view of the world (specifically pink) and belief in myself.

Just over seven years ago, Allyson Twiggs Dyer launched The Twiggs Group. Since that time, she has become a business owner, marketing consultant, speaker, and mentor. With an honest, no-nonsense approach, Allyson helps her clients develop creative, strategic approaches that showcase their brand, products, services, and organizations. Together, they create unique and compelling marketing magic.

Allyson attributes part of her success to her willingness to fully rejecting the hustle culture. She advocates for creating a healthy work/life balance while educating others on embracing “no” to help enrich their personal and professional lives. She created the movement, “Reject the Hustle ” in 2019 to provide a reprieve for overworked people everywhere and to dispute the myth that hustling 24/7 is the only road to success.

I want to advocate for a healthy work-life balance and show others how saying “no” can leave room for an abundant “yes.”

Today, Allyson focuses on helping her clients navigate an ever-changing marketing field, educating others on how to reject the hustle, co-hosting a podcast with her son, Spencer, and spending time with her family and her dog Tallulah Belle.

Let’s Talk

Shoot me an email at allyson@thetwiggsgroup.com. I want to understand your goals and dreams. Your brand is your story and that’s what makes it magical. I look forward to visiting with you.

Meet Delaney.

Delaney Osbourn

Director of Account Services

Delaney discovered her natural knack for marketing while studying broadcast journalism at the University of Arkansas. She loves to help a brand find its marketing niche. She is exceedingly curious, believing she must first deeply understand all facets of a business in order to help it reach its goals.

A Fayetteville native, Delaney lives in Northwest Arkansas with her two Golden Retrievers, Cash and Koda. She is co-owner of a videography, photography, and live-streaming production company, Identity Productions. In her free time, Delaney has a continuing passion for sports having worked as student manager for the Arkansas Women’s Basketball team while a student.

Let’s Talk

Shoot me an email at delaney@thetwiggsgroup.com. I want to understand your business needs, goals, and desires. Your brand is what makes you who you are individually and truly telling that story may be the difference in growth for your business. I cannot wait to connect with you!

Proud Moments & Milestones


Allyson left a successful 14-year career in tourism to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. The Twiggs Group was born and quickly landed a community client. Allyson launched TTG website and hired her first contractor, a graphic designer.


TTG survived year one in business with steady growth in projects from existing and new clients. Allyson identified additional areas of growth and built a team of talented freelancers. The company also became recognized in the niche market of banking, especially its modern approach to how banks communicate with their customers.


Allyson built a new website (#2) to reflect the extended service offerings of TTG, as the company continued to grow and add new clientele. TTG continued its growth in the banking industry. Grand Savings Bank came on as a client and, with the help of TTG, made a big impact on the banking marketing scene. Allyson established a presence on Instagram and increased TTG’s digital branded content.


TTG continued to expand its bank clientele (welcome, Farmers Bank and Trust) and worked on transformative branding projects in the banking market.


With the rise of the gig-economy, Allyson pivoted TTG from an ‘agency’ approach to a marketing consultant. The flexibility allowed her to curate a team of freelancers for each client project. TTG Website #3 was built and Allyson relaunched her blog,  allysontwiggs.com, to develop her personal brand building process.


The Twiggs Group celebrated 5 years in business with the most successful year in company history! Allyson welcomed the growth of her firm and developed a team of 5 talented freelancers. This allowed her another opportunity to transform the business into a boutique marketing agency and expanded her services even further. Allyson launched a TTG newsletter and her passion project, the Reject the Hustle series.


TTG had the best Q1 in company history and stayed busy during COVID-19. With the world adjusting to a “new normal,” Allyson and TTG are helping businesses navigate their marketing needs through engaging campaigns and authentic conversations with consumers. We had a successful launch of our newest website, welovecommunitybanks.com, to offer our marketing skillset to the Community Banking industry. We’re the perfect fit for this niche market since we understand the complexities and unique needs of marketing strategy for community banks throughout the country.