Grand Savings Bank

Establishing a Brand Where ‘Life is Grand’

Client: Grand Savings Bank

Grand Savings Bank is a full-service community bank serving the Northwest Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma areas. In 2017, we started our partnership with Grand Savings Bank to take their marketing up a notch. Together we have built their brand awareness and customer communications to a grand level in keeping with their name.

  • campaign development
  • brand strategy 
  • social media management
  • ad buying and placement
  • graphic design
  • copywriting
  • digital ads
  • email marketing

Brand Guide

We developed a cohesive guide that defined GSB’s visual and copy style across all their channels.

Meet Grandy

We all know it: talking about banking can be dry. GSB wanted to bring a dash of fun into their marketing.

We developed a special character named Grandy to bring some lightness into the mix. Grandy celebrates holidays and even makes celebrity appearances at GSB events.

Your Inbox Just Got Grander

Communicating consistently with existing customers is key to building a strong banking community. 

We integrated our visual style and copy tone into all email communications and established key messages for each touchpoint of a customer’s journey.

Life Is Grand Podcast

With GSB’s leaders, we developed the Life is Grand podcast. We created the logo and assist with both content and production. 

This channel is a different way for customers to engage with GSB while expanding their financial knowledge, to boot.

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