The Girl Banker

Refreshing an Industry Leader’s Platform

Client: The Girl Banker

Natalie Bartholomew a.k.a. The Girl Banker is a banking industry leader, women’s advocate and public speaker with a blog and podcast. Allyson and Natalie have been colleagues and friends for almost a decade, so it’s safe to say TTG is invested in The Girl Banker’s success!

  • Marketing consulting
  • Web design
  • graphic design
  • email marketing

For The Girl Banker’s fifth anniversary, it was time to give the website a makeover. We took Natalie’s existing content and gave it a fresh new look and updated the strategy and user experience to reflect her current goals. Plus fellow Girl Bankers can now browse the new online shop for Girl Banker merch.


Over the years Natalie has helped build a thriving community of Girl Bankers from all over the country. We helped Natalie launch a regular monthly email marketing campaign by providing email design and MailChimp support to serve as another touchpoint for her audience.

Podcast Branding and Graphics

The Girl Banker Podcast launched in 2019 and its visuals needed an update, as well. We refreshed the podcast logo and graphics, plus we made The Girl Banker some fun gifs to match.

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