Countryside Assisted Living

Updating a Community Mainstay

Client: Countryside Assisted Living

Countryside Assisted living is a long-time family-owned network of facilities. After undergoing a renovation and with a new location in the works, they needed a little marketing refresh to go along with the new look of the facilities.

  • Marketing consulting
  • Web design
  • graphic design
  • digital ads


We gave their logo a touch-up, keeping it similar to maintain brand recognition but giving it a more modern look.


To help market their new facility, we created multiple print sales pieces and a branded folder for prospective clients to take home.


We created a comprehensive yet scannable brochure to detail all the facility’s options and help answer any questions.


With a new logo design came new signage: we designed and delivered the assets to update the signage across both the Countryside locations.


  • Countryside’s website had not been updated in over ten years. We brought them up to date and helped them communicate the full slate of what makes Countryside an excellent place to live, including new content detailing their staff, rooms and other features of the facilities. 

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